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Turbo Surf Designs XL-R8
Turbo Surf Designs XL-R8
Brand: Turbo Surf Designs
Model: XL-R8
Year: 1990
Features: Scoop nose

The Turbo XL-R8 was one of the most popular boards from the Turbo line. The most noticeable features of the XL-R8 were eye-catching graphics and a futuristic scoop nose for enhanced grip, but the board also featured a Surlyn bottom and Wavecore core. Like the earlier generation of XL-R8s, this second generation XL-R8 features diagonal stripe graphics. The difference lies in the logo -- the second generation can be distinguished by its enlarged XL-R8 logo. :: All Bodyboards :: Turbo Surf Designs :: XL-R8

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Turbo Surf Designs XL-R8