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Condition Rating Guide
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Condition Rating Guide

Rating Condition Details
10 Mint Flawless. Never ridden. May still be shrink wrapped.
9 Excellent Nearly perfect. Barely visible flaws.
8 Very Good Very clean overall with a few minor flaws.
7 Good Clean but shows natural wear from use. May be a good rider.
6 Decent Pretty good overall with some wear, fading, repair, or minor delamination.
5 Fair Some signs of use but also abuse. May require repair before riding.
4 Rough Abused with creases, large delamination, or a severely scratched bottom.
3 Poor Combination of creasing, delamination, scratches, fading, wear, or staining.
2 Very Poor Extremely abused. Only worth collecting if rare or historically significant.
1 Trashed Completely unsalvageable.

Factors That May Increase Value

  • Original packaging
  • No leash plug installed
  • Original factory decals intact
  • Stenciled art: May increase value if board was ridden by a pro rider and was stenciled with the intention of advertising for sponsors. For instance, Mike Stewart's personal Mach 7-7 with the Gotcha logo stenciled on the deck would likely be a nice collector's item.

Factors That May Decrease Value

  • Delamination
  • Creases
  • Hand-drawn art
  • Repairs: This depends on the quality of the repair. Sloppy repairs typically decrease value, but a clean repair is usually better than unrepaired damage/delamination.
  • Aftermarket decals: May slightly decrease value. However, decals of company logos from the era may increase charm since adorning bodyboards with decals was a common practice at the time.
  • Leash plug: Having a leash plug installed does not necessarily reduce value, but boards without leash plugs are naturally worth more.
About the Condition Guide
The condition guide helps to create a standardized rating system for the condition of vintage bodyboards. Keep in mind that rating bodyboards can be subjective in nature, so collectors should be sure to fully inspect boards in person or in photos before buying.