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Morey Boogie Jay Reale Mach 7-SS
Morey Boogie Jay Reale Mach 7-SS
Brand: Morey Boogie
Model: Jay Reale Mach 7-SS
Year: 1992
Features: Grip-Track Nose, X-Flex Core

Designed by one of the best known and most visible riders of the time, the Jay Reale Mach 7-SS put a new spin on an old favorite. A new template was applied to the classic Mach 7-SS, bringing the wide point forward for prone riding and drawing in the nose for aggressive drop-knee riding. The board also featured a "Grip-Track Nose", a thumb grip with a streamlined profile that ran across the nose for increased front hand control. Aesthetically, the typical blue chines of the Mach 7-SS were swapped for red ones. Photo: Marco Rufino. :: All Bodyboards :: Morey Boogie :: Jay Reale Mach 7-SS

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Morey Boogie Jay Reale Mach 7-SS