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Turbo Surf Designs Turbo 911
Turbo Surf Designs Turbo 911
Brand: Turbo Surf Designs
Model: Turbo 911
Year: 1991
Features: Hand painted

 This one-of-a-kind Turbo 911 was purchased from Heritage Surf Shop in 1991. The ocean scene on the deck was hand painted by none other than Russ Brown himself, the founder of Turbo Surf Designs. The signature at the bottom left corner of the board reads "Russ '91". After his years with Turbo, Russ moved to Colorado and opened his own art gallery. This board interestingly bridges the gap between two stages of his life - that of a bodyboard maker and that of a painter. Photo: Robert Laughrey. :: All Bodyboards :: Turbo Surf Designs :: Turbo 911

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Turbo Surf Designs Turbo 911