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Turbo Surf Designs Mike Stewart Pro/Comp
Turbo Surf Designs Mike Stewart Pro/Comp
Brand: Turbo Surf Designs
Model: Mike Stewart Pro/Comp
Year: 1990
Features: Polyethylene core, Surlyn bottom

The Mike Stewart Pro/Comp was a vastly different board from the others in the Turbo line. Rather than a stiff hard polystyrene bottom, the materials were more consistent with Morey Boogie's line. It is no coincidence - the Turbo name was licensed to Morey Boogie to create this model. This variation features a diagonal logo on the deck. This particular board is in its original shrink wrap packaging. Photo: Frank Pezzullo. :: All Bodyboards :: Turbo Surf Designs :: Mike Stewart Pro/Comp

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Turbo Surf Designs Mike Stewart Pro/Comp