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BZ Ben T-10 Channel
BZ Ben T-10 Channel
Brand: BZ
Model: Ben T-10 Channel
Year: 1991
Features: T-10 Channels, Diamond Slick Rails

Ben Seversonís groundbreaking signature model had already ushered in a new generation of high performance bodyboards in 1990, but the board took on a legendary status a year later with the addition of T-10 Channels for more bite. It was simply the best board that money could buy, and riders were willing to pay exorbitant amounts in exchange for unparalleled performance. Arcel core, flat rocker, 50/50 slick rails. The Ben T-10 was truly a tube riding masterpiece. This particular board is clearly in poor cosmetic condition. :: All Bodyboards :: BZ :: Ben T-10 Channel

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BZ Ben T-10 Channel