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Performer Lite
Performer Lite

Year: 1991

Pro Wedge
Pro Wedge

Year: 1993

About Madrid
It all started for Jerry Madrid in the groovy experimental times of the late 60's and early 70's on a little rock in the Pacific Ocean called Maui. Jerry, the classic surfer/skater/waterman was lucky enough to run into a group of hardcore Maui locals nicknamed the "Auga Boys". These guys charged all the heaviest breaks that were too shallow for lesser men. They rode very short surfboards with no skegs, just a really trippy and surprisingly functional channel system in the tail. This design sparked a fire that led Jerry to develop the first Madrid bodyboard "AUGA" in the early 80's. At that time Madrid Pro Designs was already a successful, thriving and continually innovative skateboard company with pro models from the legends of the day. Madrid ran their first ad and instantly started getting calls from shops and riders alike. It was at the first meeting between Jerry and Tom Prince that they decided a direction for the company that would change the industry forever. You see, there weren't any pro model bodyboards back then. The bodyboard companies didn't want to give power or control to any one rider, even though at the time it was obvious that we had a handful of the greatest bodyboarders of all time among us. So Jerry and Tom introduced a series of pro model bodyboards to a very hungry bodyboard community. Tom Prince enlisted San Clemente drop knee master Kevin Baker, and an unknown rider then, soul legend now, Bob Forbes to the team. Madrid bodyboards found success right away, delivering boards designed by riders to the masses. The Madrid factory in Oceanside, California which was the head quarters for the head shaper, Chris Thompson, became the headquarters for the team riders as well. They worked hand in hand with the shapers. All of the shapes came out of this facility.

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